Thursday, June 7, 2012


Whew, this {creative} blog of mine is covered in internet dust. About time for a post.

I haven't felt creative lately. I think I used all of my creativity up when I was pregnant and bored. Once the weather started to get warmer outside...and I had a baby to cuddle with, I decided to put the knitting needles down for a bit. Now that said baby is older (11 weeks tomorrow!), he goes down for bed at 8pm and I have the evening to myself. I miss being creative with my time, so I might just start on a project. Heaven knows, my Pinterest boards are bursting with ideas. Maybe I'll find something to wet my creative appetite and give my etsy shop a boost of energy.

I can't say that I've taken a complete hiatus from all things creative. A couple of weeks ago, I created this print on PicMonkey (my new favorite photo editing website). It has all of our names intertwined, along with important dates that have helped to make this family what it is today: '83, the birth year of both my husband and I. '06, the year we got married and '08 &'12 the years my precious boys were born. I'll probably still play around with the style/fonts and such, but for now I like it.